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This quote from one of our founding partners fully describes our mission. Starting as individual SAP consultants in the late 80's back in Germany we founded LMS Consulting in Silicon Valley in 1997. The fact that our first customer was SAP America itself was no coincidence. We have been in close relationship with SAP from the beginning and conduct regular training classes at SAP training centers and onsite training / workshops at customer locations up to this day. SAP Labs in Palo Alto started in 1999 to call us for their new-hire SAP training.

We are, no doubt, proud of this record but have to admit that this is only the lesser portion of our expertise. We mainly focus on you - assuming you are an SAP customer. Support and help in your SAP projects and all tasks around your SAP systems is what we concentrate on. Our specialty is everything in the area of R/3 development including ABAP Objects, enhancements and modifications, ALV, BSP, WebDynpro, Performance Tuning and Customizing. All of our consultants have worked in many successful implementations. This vast experience allows us to take responsibility and manage complete projects to come up with real world solutions.

The absence of overhead in our organization and our flat hierarchy allow us to be very flexible. We certainly pursue long-term SAP projects, but also welcome short-term assignments, enjoy SAP trouble-shooting and are happy to do spot consulting. Large SAP implementation companies are not our competitors, but rather we consider them our partners in supporting you in all your SAP needs. In fact, some of you already had the pleasure of meeting us when we were called in by exactly those large implementors (including SAP) in order to crack the hard nuts

We can help you if you need:

Classic ABAP Report, Dialog and Interface Development
Web Application Development Support for BSP, ABAP Web Dynpro & PCUI
Onsite ABAP Workshops for ABAP Objects, ALV & SALV, Tuning
Onsite Web Development Workshops for BSP, ABAP WebDynpro
People Centric User Interface - PCUI - Workshops
SAP Trouble Shooting
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