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German engineering is not always easy to get - but we can explain ! We provide onsite SAP training as a cost effective alternative to SAP classes. Many years of teaching classes directly at SAP America allow us to either conduct standard SAP classes or to provide custom courses and workshops tailored to your individual needs.

Many customers hold a license for the SAP Knowledge Warehouse including SAP's entire training curriculum for the R/3 Release. This allows us to provide the instructor, while the customer provides the original SAP training material. If needed, we will review and recompile the training material according to your needs. We can combine related classes, shorten standard classes and omit nonrelevant topics.

Even though access to SAP's Knowledge Warehouse is beneficial, we can provide custom training without such access.

To prove our qualification and customer satisfaction we will be happy to provide references. Please do not hesitate to contact us to work out an SAP training curriculum or for any other questions you might have !


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